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OPIRG Brock Action Groups

Action groups are the core of OPIRG Brock. They are groups of volunteers who organize autonomously to address a specific social justice or environmental issue. This may include direct action, research, raising awareness, or educational campaigns. Action groups receive a variety of forms of support from OPIRG Brock.

2018-2019 OPIRG Brock Action Group Application

Click here to download

The deadline for 2018-19 Action Group Applications is October 1, 2018. To apply please complete the Action Group Application and submit it to Be sure to review our Action Group Policy and Safer Space policy to see if OPIRG Brock is a good fit for your group (both included in the application package (<-- click box to the left to download).

Note: Student Clubs and other existing groups are eligible to become Action Groups if they fall within the mandate of OPIRG Brock and can abide by the Action Group and Safer Space policies.

Information sessions will be held throughout September, with more details coming soon. If you have any questions, please email

What you can access as an Action Group

The types of support available to groups may include, but is not limited to:

  • Financial support (dependent on status and proposals)

  • Networking and building connections to other groups with shared interests on and off campus

  • Booking meeting space within OPIRG’s office space

  • Room booking on campus

  • Photocopying & printing

  • Strategic support meetings OPIRG staff and board members (e.g., help with projects, outreach, planning)

  • Trainings (e.g., anti-oppression 101 and consensus decision making workshops) 

  • Use of OPIRG's office resources (ie. phone, computers, educational materials, etc.)

Disability & Neurodiversity Collective: 

Combating Ableism and Supporting Difference


The Disability and Neurodiversity Collective focuses on connecting neurodiverse people (people with neurological and/or mental disabilities) and people with physical disabilities/disabled people in St. Catharines, as a social group and a space for activism. The group's activities will include hosting events and raising awareness of various issues affecting neurodiverse and physically disabled people.


Brock SCM:

Promoting Religious Tolerance

Brock SCM is a group dedicated to running inclusive and judgment free faith based programming. Brock SCM's goal is to provide a space where followers of any religion, or lack thereof, can learn about their own faiths and others. Brock SCM is dedicated to promoting religious tolerance, as well as combating those who oppress in the name of religion. Brock SCM runs events that primarily focus on discussion and debate, usually concerning the nature of religion, but other topics are frequently included. They plan to branch further into social activism through future events.


Facebook: Brock Faith and Life

Instagram: @faithlifeBrock

The Cycle Circle:

Skill Sharing for Accessible & Environmentally Friendly Transportation

The Cycle Circle is a space where community members can learn how to repair and maintain their bicycles, access tools and resources for bike repair, and teach each other, with the goal of supporting cyclists and getting more bikes on the road. We won’t do it for you, but we will teach you how to do it for yourself. The Cycle Circle promotes Greener and more accessible transportation, recycling of bicycles and parts, and reduced consumption through resource-sharing.


St Catharines Poetry Slam:

Raising Voices

The St. Catharines Poetry Slam is a monthly competitive spoken word event. As a collective they present art as a form of activism/resistance. The slam provides local artists and poets with a stage to speak their truth and experiences as a way to connect to the members of our community. The St Catharines Poetry Slam works to bring as many different people to their stage as they can - helping new artists find their voice, established artists to grow in new ways, and changing the lives of their audience one night of performance at a time. The slam prioritizes marginalized and oppressed voices and is being organized with the intention of being intersectional.

Facebook: stcathpoetryslam

Food Not Bombs St Catharines:

Increasing Access to Food, Reducing Waste, and Raising Awareness

Food Not Bombs (FNB) is a world-wide grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness about food politics, and its connections to international militarism. They operate under the three principles of non-violence, consensus decision making and vegetarianism. The primary mode of protest carried out by FNB is the serving of free meals to the public. Through the sharing of food the folks of FNB draw awareness to local poverty, large scale food waste, and the oppression inherent in the current capitalist food system. FNB also strives to build unity and solidarity with other activist groups, often being present at rallies and consciousness raising events to feed hungry protesters.



Niagara AntiRacism Coalition:

Works to Oppose Racism and White Supremacy in Niagara

The Niagara AntiRacism Coalition is a grassroots community organization that works to oppose racism and white supremacy in Niagara. Led by seasoned activists, the group has close to 50 active members and at its largest event, organized 1,000 people to attend a vigil after the Quebec mosque shooting.



Facebook: NiagaraARC

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