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OPIRG Brock 2023 Annual General Meeting

Interested in investing in activism, resources, and social justice in Niagara? Run for a Board position with OPIRG Brock!

All members running for the Board, or voting in Board elections must be registered as an OPIRG Brock member.


Questions? Email us:

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How do I vote in the Board elections

All OPIRG Brock members are eligible to vote. Elections will take place at our Annual General Meeting on September 26th, 2023. Voters will be instructed on election day how to cast their virtual vote.


You must have a valid OPIRG Brock membership to be eligible to vote in Board elections. 

2023 Board Nominees

Meet our current Board members.

Get to know the candidates for our Board of Director elections! Register your membership to vote for Board Members at our Annual General Meeting on September 26. Election results will be announced on September 27.

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