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The work of OPIRG Brock primarily takes place on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral peoples.

2019-2020 Board of Directors Candidates Bios

The following candidates are running for the 2019- OPIRG Brock Board of Directors and have met all the requirements to be a member-in-good-standing and the nomination process. Vacant positions may also be filled between elections by appointment. The board consists of up to 9 members, including up to 7 student representatives and up to 4 community representatives.
The election will take place at the 2019 OPIRG Brock AGM (Wednesday April 17 | 5-8pm | MIW 156) and is only open to OPIRG Brock members. To register as a member, you need to complete the Membership Opt-In Form by 10am on Wednesday April 17, 2019. 

Bhonita Singh

My name is Bhonita Singh and I am a third-year undergraduate student at Brock. I use the pronouns she/her and I am of Indo-Caribbean background. I am extremely proud of my membership in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities as well. I would like to be on the BOD for OPIRG because I am passionate about doing anything I can to facilitate change in the communities I am a part of, whether that’s the BIPOC , LGBTQ+ or the general St. Catharines community. I believe OPIRG is the perfect platform to do social justice work on a larger scale. I think I am suited for this position because I bring a perspective to the table that is often different from the norm. The perspective of a racialized first generation Canadian woman that also identifies as part of the LBGTQ+ community. I have a strong sociological understanding of society and its institutions which I’m sure will prove to be fruitful while sitting on the board. I have been involved with Scouts Canada for over 7 years now, acting as the Area Youth Commissioner for the Humber West region in the Greater Toronto Council for 2 years. Scouts Canada is an organization dedicated to environmental justice among many other things such as molding a well-rounded citizen through youth-led programming. Social Justice is also extremely important to me. I currently volunteer at Distress Centre Niagara, working on the suicide & crisis prevention line, the mental health & addictions access line as well as Ontario Text-N-Chat. Distress Centre Niagara is committed to providing support to individuals in distress or crisis, and education to the Niagara community which assists people in taking ownership of personal choices and managing their lives in a fulfilling way. Thank-you for your time.


Kécha Lange

Bonjour! My name is Kecha Lange and I am a current student at Brock University. Being in Labour studies I have further developed my desire to become a better advocate for my community and I believe strongly in equity for all. I have recently become more involved with OPIRG through co-facilitating workshops during the 2018/2019 school year and have only grown to love the organization more.

My main goal as a nominee is to learn more about how OPIRG functions to help the direct community. I believe that being a part of the OPIRG-Brock Board of Directors would further my opportunities to support amazing activist projects within the community and help spread the inclusive and educational events that are supported by OPIRG. I love connecting with people and learning more about the members that make up the community at Brock and St. Catharines, I believe this would be the best opportunity for me to use my skills and talents to further the success of OPIRG and bring members of the community together even more.

I have previously been on the Board of Directors with the Residence Action Council at Brock. My position was Director of Spirit and Engagement, I helped my team develop ideas for events, planning, and overall just supporting and believing in their projects. I absolutely loved my time on the council and the skills that I have gained from this experience will easily apply to this position. I am passionate and I know that my positive energy would greatly benefit not only the members of OPIRG but also those who may not know too much about the organization.

This school year I have furthered my involvement in activist meetings as much as I can. I have been graciously given the opportunity to run workshops with amazing women on topics that I was passionate about (racism, sexual health, advocacy) and this has only given me more motivation to continue normalizing these difficult topics to ensure a safe learning space for students at Brock. I have participated/facilitated two race specific workshop/panels through OPIRG and one sexual health workshop. This is only the beginning and I do not plan on stopping depending on the outcome of this election.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn and become further involved through OPIRG and I look forward to seeing what the 2019/2020 year brings to St. Catharines.

Lesley Tetteh

Tell us about yourself

Greetings to all. My name is Lesley Tetteh and I am an undergraduate student here at Brock. I am in the faculty of Social Sciences, double majoring in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, while minoring in Sociology. The 2019-2020 academic year will be my final year as an undergraduate student at Brock. I was born and raised in Toronto, and I came to Brock to not only get away and take a break from the major city life, but to also discover my potential within and beyond academia. 


Why you would like to be on the OPIRG-Brock Board of Directors?

The roles and responsibilities included in the Campus Relations position are those very similar to the work that I seek to engage in as someone who aspires to inspire young people like myself who want to see social change in their communities around them. Being a member of OPIRG BOD would give me the opportunity to further contribute to the campus community by supporting the initiatives OPIRG runs and support on and off campus. I also view this as an incredible learning opportunity as the responsibilities entailed in this position will not only enhance my skills in community service but will also allow me to learn how to further contribute in the communities I’ve grown up in, in both Toronto and Niagara. 


How you are suited for the position of Campus Relations Representative?

As a student who would like to be more involved with the campus community, I believe this position would be right for me as I look into how I can contribute to making our campus a safer space for marginalized individuals. This position is a perfect opportunity for me to collaborate with the school community and share together our views regarding social issues along with the importance of social activism on campus. As a firm believer in diverse representation in community initiatives, I believe that as a black woman I can contribute to the anti-oppressive framework that OPIRG works within to create initiatives and safe spaces for all communities, especially on a campus in the Niagara region, which can encourage students of color that are also heavily interested in engaging in social and environmental justice 


What’s your experience in environmental/social justice work?

My experience in social justice work would be considered relatively new in the eyes of many. My involvement actually started during my time as an undergraduate student and began to increase just this past year. I’ve been involved in participating in and facilitating workshops supported by OPIRG, and as a student of the Women and Gender Studies program, I have participated, and supported events facilitated by members of the faculty. 

Olubukola Solui

I’m Olubukola Soliu and I’m a current undergraduate student in Public Health. I am passionate about using health as a social justice tool. I would like to be on the OPIRG Brock Board of Directors to bring my knowledge and passion to this organization while learning important transferable skills about managing a social and environmental justice organization. 




Winnie Murombedzi

I work at Positive Living Niagara, a not-for profit organization providing support and education for those at risk and affected by HIV, HCV and STBBIs. Winnie Murombedzi is currently an Education and Support Coordinator, promoting HIV awareness in the African and Caribbean and Blacks Communities in Niagara since 2012. Winnie works with local community organizations and cultural groups to develop and implement HIV prevention, health promotion, community development and capacity building initiatives targeting African, Caribbean & Black (ACB) populations in Niagara. Winnie works as part of the Direct Services team to identify the individual and collective needs of target populations, develop and make available prevention materials, and develop and implement services and activities to address target population needs based on Positive Living Niagara’s strategic priorities and the guidelines established by ACCHO (African and Caribbean Council on HIV/ADS) in Toronto.