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The Coming Out Monologues

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ONLINE DANCE PARTY - This event is the closest COVID-safe version of a safe space dance party we can get, so we are encouraging all attendees to:

  • Dress up, dress down, have outfit changes - really whatever makes you feel the most yourself for a party!

  • Bring as much of your favourite food & drinks as you can!

  • Decorate your background!

  • Cameras can be on or off

  • We will be providing the music from The Coming Out Monologues playlist ( for the dance breaks, but you are also welcome to mute our music and dance along to your own!

  • Share the Facebook event with your friends!

Tickets - 3 options available!

If you are missing going to dance parties with your friends, no matter which city they live in, you can join us for grand unveiling of our zine and webpage showcasing so many amazing 2SLGBTQ+ artists, performers, writers, & poets! Our (virtual) doors will open at 7:45pm & the event will be from 8pm-10pm. Throughout the month, we will be releasing more details about the event!

In addition to sharing the beautiful content from The Coming Out Monologues V.2, the night will include a series of dance party segments , performances, art showcases, community resources, many & so much more! This event is all ages. All funds raised from this event/ project will go to OPIRG Brock's ongoing fundraising efforts.


SAFETY - To ensure online safety at this event, we currently have the following measures in place:

  • This event is covered under the OPIRG Brock Safer Space policy and anyone seen as in violation of this policy will be removed from the event

  • Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the event.

  • Confirming Zoom logins

  • This event will not be recorded or available afterwards, but we will have a recording of the live captions from the event, which will not be posted.

  • Any resources shared in the chat will get documented, and added to relevant parts of the OPIRG Brock website.


  • Live captions will be available for the events.

  • If you have any other access needs to attend this event, please email

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Listen to The Coming Out

Monologues Playlist!

PERFORMERS - In addition to launching our zine & webpage, we are so honoured to have the following contributors & organizations joining us!


SPONSORS - We want to say a huge thank you to our sponsors for this project so far:

  • The OUTniagara Community Fund

  • Brock' s PACHRED 2SLGBTQ+ Working Group

  • Brock's Department of Dramatic Arts!

  • Private donations!

  • If you would like to sponsor the project/ event , please email


TRANSforming & QUEERing ART!

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