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Welcome to the OPIRG Brock Community Market!

The 2022 OPIRG Brock Community Market will be in-person on Saturday July 30th in downtown St. Catharines! 

Support the events & market happening for Emancipation Day STC
July 29-Aug 1

1. Buttons at the top of each market page

At the top of each Community Market page, you will find a series of buttons that help you navigate primarily non-vendor related information about the Community Market. 

2. Key Community Market Resources

Before exploring the Community Market, we ask that all participants, vendors & customers read the Community Acknowledgements and @BlackOwned905 pages. Both of these pages offer essential information for engagements in social, economic, and environmental justice and solidarity.

3. Meet & Browse the Vendors!

Use the 'Vendors Directory' button at the top to explore our amazing vendors for the 2022 OPIRG Brock Community Market!

Each vendor has included information about where and how to purchase their listings! Some vendors will direct you to their Etsy pages or websites, and some will accept e-transfer or PayPal! If there is a piece that you are interested in, check out their purchase instructions or send that vendor a DM on Instagram.


4. "How can I help support the community market?"


  1. Become a VendorTo apply click here.

Local Businesses, Individuals, Organizations, Unions, Families

Check out the Sponsorship Package!

  1. Donate to the raffle!

  2. Become an event sponsor.

  3. Have an 'OPIRG Special' on the day of the market to help promote or donate a portion of sales to OPIRG Brock that day!

Free ways anyone can promote & support:

  1. Share market content to social media - tag @opirgbrock & @cozybones when you share!

  2. Review the sponsorship package & figure out how to make

  3. Send the promotions and calls for vendors to your networks

Participants & fans of OPIRG Brock

  • Mark the date in your calendar - use the Facebook event, to help save the date!

  • Share the event! If you want to help boost the market, please consider posting about the event, sharing our posts in your stories, or sharing the items that you have purchased from the vendors!

  • Buy raffle tickets! OPIRG Brock members can claim 1 free raffle ticket. For non-members and to buy additional tickets, email us! Tickets go for $2 each or 3 for $5!

  • Become a member! Consider becoming a 2022-203 OPIRG Brock member or supporter on the OPIRG Brock Patreon

5. Get in contact!

If you have any questions about the market, or just want to wish us good luck, send an email to us or @cozy.bones an email or DM and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Check out our OPIRG Brock Community Market Vendors' Directory!

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