Board of Directors

The Board Of Directors (BOD) volunteer their time to ensure that OPIRG Brock operates in accordance with its constitution and its legal and financial responsibilities. For example, board responsibilities include creating policies, holding public meetings, building community relations, and managing staff.
Directors are elected to the board at OPIRG Brock's Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. Vacant positions may also be filled between elections by appointment. The board consists of up to 9 members, including up to 7 student representatives and up to 4 community representatives.
Student and community members are welcome to meet our BOD at our public meetings. Public meetings are held every two weeks (see Public Meeting Schedule).

Ash Grover

Board Facilitator

Interests: Social justice activism in popular culture, intersectional feminism, bridging anti-colonization with anti-racism and community organizing through the arts.

Tenure ending: April 2019

My name is Ash and I am currently completing my Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock. I have served on the OPIRG Board of Directors for the past five months and have gained invaluable knowledge during that time. As a BIPOC queer woman at Brock, I recognize the importance of groups like OPIRG in ensuring that all students are given equal opportunities and made to feel welcome in the space on campus, as well in the larger community of St. Catharines. I have acquired many skills throughout my academic and professional career which led to my position with OPIRG, including but not limited to facilitation, research and writing, project coordination, volunteer outreach and social media promotion.

I completed my undergraduate degree at York University in the Faculty of Environment Studies, and as such I am acutely aware of the deeply interconnected and multi-faceted nature of social and environmental justice issues. My goal throughout my research and activism in to acknowledge the intersecting dynamic of power structures, and to disrupt them through popular education and public pedagogy. I have volunteered for social justice organization in the past, as well as worked for a non-profit, and I have consistently recognized a need for more solidarity across perceived boundaries.


Kathleen Driscoll

Treasurer | Director

Interests: Spoken word poetry, science fiction & arts as a means of social justice.

Tenure ending: April 2019


Being a part of the organization for the last two years, I feel like the PIRG is a great venue to work towards dismantling various forms of oppression. Also as a returning BOD member I would be able to assist new BOD members to acquire new skills and fill them in on the history of the board. As the current Treasurer and HR rep, I have a lot of experience specific to this organization. I also have a lot of experience in arts organizing that is transferable to OPIRG 

Kathleen Driscoll is a spoken word poet and community organizer who hails from the Niagara Region. Their work explores themes of sexuality, gender, poverty, and fatness, usually with the aid of humour. Kathleen is one of the organizers of the organizers of the St Catharines Poetry Slam. They are also very involved in social and environmental justice work in Niagara, primarily through their role as a board member of OPIRG Brock.

Anella Bieteru

Campus Relations Liaison

Tenure ending: April 2019

My name is Anella Bieteru, an International Student in the MA Program Social Justice and Equity Studies. As an International Student form a different community and environment, I have come to realize the need for ensuring that all students have equal treatment and access to facilities and services within the Brock community. As such, I find OPIRG to be the ideal group in ensuring that all students get this fair and equal treatment to enable them have a safer environment for their studies.


With a background in Sociology from my home country, I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the dynamics within the human society and the environment at large. I have also come to understand through my studies and activism in my current master’s program of the different yet interconnected injustices that people face and the importance for both social and environmental justice to ensure that such injustices are broken down. My ultimate goal is to be able to use the knowledge I have gained and still gaining as a platform for advocating for the rights and equal treatment for all and as such I see OPIRG to be the group which will offer me that platform to help deconstruct the unequal power structures that we have in our environment.

Nona Bader

Accountability Committee Coordinator | Community Relations Liaison 

Tenure ending: April 2019

I am Nona Bader thIrd year Brock student, as well as an OPIRG Brock board member, Niagara Anti-racist collation member and Food Not Bombs board member.


I am  interest  to be part of OPIRG Brock Board of Direction  2018 / 2018  because i care about create safe space for BIPOC LGBT folks . Also i am interest  creating accountability culture in Niagara Region. My goal  is to creating accountability committee  focus on  transparently and create safe space for  sexual assault survivors  and BIPOC LGBT folks. I have experience with organizing accountability processes.


My experience will help OPIRG Brock in creating its Accountability Committee and Resources. 

Patrick Russ

Action Groups Liaison

Tenure ending: April 2019

I was born in Vancouver and grew up in Toronto. I'm well over 30 and am a parent. Much of my lived experience and social position has been shaped by poverty, substance use, mental health issues, and recovery. I got a late start in activism in 2006 at the age of 25 while in college. I cut my teeth doing Palestine Solidarity work and then branched out to anti-poverty work, and various autonomous and informal groups and actions. As a Social Service Worker I've been involved in Harm Reduction work, Refugee Settlement, and Shelter Work since 2009.


I recently moved to St. Catharines and was interested in getting involved in OPIRG Brock in order to plug into important issues in my new city. I'm pretty familiar with PIRGs from my past experience and networks, but this is the first time I've been directly involved. I'm currently the Action Group Liaison for OPIRG Brock, and I look forward to putting my skills and experience to good use, as well as learning from a new set of people and a new local scene. 

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The work of OPIRG Brock primarily takes place on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral peoples.

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