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Niagara Free Store

Other places to donate

Where to donate your items in Niagara

Rad Snax

  • They accept hats, gloves, socks, masculine coats, pants, sweaters

  • Travel size toiletries, cigarettes, blankets, food, freezable food, tents, sleeping bags, tarps are also accepted

  • To donate, reach out via Facebook or drop off at Fine Grind Cafe, 37 James Street, St. Catharines

Farmworker Hub NOTL

“ We are closed for the season, but donations can be left in the brown bin beside our door antyime. Opening March 19, 2023”

  • Amazon wish list

  • Items they accept (clean and washed only)

    • Men’s clothing

    • Household items

    • Personal hygiene items (not accepted by Free Store) 

    • Entertainment/sports equipment

Help the Free Store get a permanent Space!

Other organizations accepting donations

Many organizations who provide items for free have active partnerships with the Niagara Regional Police Service. In order to ensure greater safety, we encourage anyone accessing these services taken as many precautions as they feel are needed around policing before accessing these services.

For organizations partnering with and pursuing partnerships with the NRPs, we call on you to acknowledge the barriers, potential harm, and active harm actively working with and promoting the NRPs causes for current and future service users. 

Niagara's Mobile Closet

Niagara's Mobile Closet

Westview Centre 4 Women

Westview Centre 4 Women

Rad Snax

Rad Snax

*Does not work with the NRPS*

Our Partners

OPIRG Brock Free Store
James Street Market
Mahtay Cafe and Market
Fine Grind Cafe
In the soil arts festival

Last updated: March 2023

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