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Niagara Reproductive Justice

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Niagara Reproductive Justice (NRJ) is a group of community members in the Niagara Region of Ontario advocating for increased visibility of/ and access to sexual health resources in Niagara.


Volunteer with NRJ!

If you are interested in volunteering or getting involved with the Rapid Response Network or with the Abortion and Reproductive Support Network, email


Need help accessing abortion or know somebody who does?

We can help connect you with Niagara-based full-spectrum abortion doulas and funding to cover transportation!

Email us at to get in touch.

NRJ's Website - key community resource!

See upcoming and past NRJ events, read up about the roots of reproductive justice, access a directory of sexual and reproductive health resources in Niagara, download zines & posters, read FAQs about abortion in Canada, and more at!

Abortion in Niagara Survey

NRJ is conducting a survey around people's experiences accessing abortion in Niagara to help make abortion more accessible in the region.

The survey asks 40 questions related to your experiences around abortion and all responses are anonymous unless you choose to disclose your information. Learn more and take the survey here!


Anti-Choice Reporting Form
If you wish to report anti-choice activity in the Niagara Region, please use this form.

Share your experiences with sexual and reproductive healthcare services in Niagara:

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