Niagara Reproductive Justice

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Niagara Reproductive Justice (NRJ) is a group of community members in the Niagara Region of Ontario advocating for increased visibility of/ and access to sexual health resources in Niagara. 

Anti-Choice Reporting Form
If you wish to report anti-choice activity in the Niagara Region, please use this form.

Website - key community resource!

  • About page - more information about reproductive justice

  • Niagara Resources page - Niagara-based sexual and reproductive health resources

  • Materials & FAQs page - some NRJ zines available for downloading (we can also mail you some) and answers to some frequently asked questions about abortion in Canada.

  • Our Values & Resources page - links you to our values statement as well as other resources and organizations doing similar work in Niagara, Canada, and internationally.

  • Home page - scroll down to see some upcoming and past NRJ events.

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