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No Fighter Jets

We have ONE YEAR to stop this purchase!

The No Fighter Jets Coalition has been working since early 2020 to fight the federal government’s planned purchase of 88 new fighter jets for a sticker price of $19 billion.


Based on an official Department of National Defence Report of the last planned purchase by the Conservatives in 2012 and a report by the CCPA based on the same purchase, the No Fighter Jets Coalition has released a report that estimates the actual cost to be at least $77 billion.


Not only have the Liberals made the same mistake the Conservatives did in 2012 by not including lifetime and sustainment costs, but these warplanes will mainly be used to drop bombs in the Middle East and North Africa and they have the capability to carry nuclear weapons.

The No New Fighter Jets coalition is made up of groups, organizations, and individuals from across Canada. Our members include:

  • Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

  • World BEYOND War

  • Peace Brigade International - Canada

  • Canadian Peace Congress

  • Pivot2Peace

  • Pax Christi Toronto

  • OPIRG Brock

  • Peace Alliance Winnipeg

  • Victoria Peace Coalition

  • Anti-Imperialist Alliance (AIA) Ottawa

  • Just Peace Advocates

  • Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

  • Labour Against Arms Trade

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