OPIRG Brock's Projects

OPIRG Brock currently works on a wide range of community focused projects & events at BrockU and in the wider Niagara region. 

The Free Store

The Free Store was created in spring 2018 for a local open-street festival called In The Soil in order to provide a free, useful, sustainable, and accessible option at the festival. Its popularity encouraged us to continue hosting the Free Store in conjunction with other events downtown on an almost bi-monthly basis.


The Free Store takes things that people no longer want (such furniture, housewares, clothing and accessories, sports gear, books, and school supplies) and passes them along -- without cost -- to people who have a use for them. The Free Store is dedicated to providing for the needs of the community (both the student population and Niagara residents) in a manner that promotes sustainability, connection, skill- and resource-sharing, and alternatives to capitalism.

The Coming Out Monologues V. 2

After the success of The Coming Out Monologues performance and vendor market in May 2019, we have brought this programming back by popular demand. For Volume 2, we are moving the project into a zine style publication and webpage! Our version of a zine for this project will be a 6.5"x8" colour booklet.

For V.2, we are looking for all types of written pieces, visual arts, video, and audio. We will also be adding a webpage on the OPIRG Brock website devoted to the The Coming Out Monologues, where we can embed and link audio and video files to expand the artistic styles and resources we are showcasing. All submissions will be considered, but are not guaranteed to make it into the project. Written pieces cannot exceed a word length of 500 words (if you have a longer piece, please follow up to see if we can accommodate). Audio & video pieces cannot exceed a length of 10 minutes.

Application link: https://forms.gle/Aez1SQKkvsMZphKC6

At this point, all submissions to this project will be submitted on a volunteer basis. We are pursuing funding options that would allow us to compensate contributors (we are looking at $50 per contributor), but cannot currently guarantee payment. We apologize to all the artists we will miss out on because of this limitation of the project. All contributors (print and online) will receive a print copy of The Coming Out Monologues V. 2 (in small or large format), and additional printed copies will be used in future fundraisers for OPIRG Brock.

BrockU Community Garden - Plots 23 & 24!

With a long history of working with Brock Dig on the development of the BrockU Community Garden Plots, we are excited to be working on Plots 23 & 24!