SCPS - March Slam - Ft Inali Barger

March 2, 2018

 OPIRG Brock and St Catharines Poetry Slam bring you our March slam!

Come on out and join us for our March poetry slam featuring Inali Barger! Note: for any poets that have slammed once this season and want the chance to make the 2018 St. Catharines Poetry Slam Team this season MUST slam this month to qualify for finals.

The St. Catharines POETRY SLAM is a monthly competitive spoken word event - we slam on the first Friday of every month!

7:30 pm | $5 | Mahtay Café & Lounge
+ open mic & SLAM!


Inali Barger is a spoken word artist, educator, community advocate, activist, and has a habit of turning binaries into biodegradable confetti. He has been in the London Poetry Slam scene for nearly 11 years and is the current Underground Indies champ. Inali has a wide variety of life experiences that he addresses through his panels, poetry, workshops, coaching and conversations with strangers.

More questions? Clarification? Feel free to ask!

No props or costumes; Each poem lasts 3:10 with point deductions for going over time; All poems must be original work; No hate speech; Poems are judged based on content and performance by 5 randomly chosen audience members.

We plan for a two round slam, but the round structure could be changed at the slam depending on how many poets we have. Poets looking to compete, be prepared with three poems. Every slam will be at least two rounds, with the possibility of a third. Don't leave the ruckus at home, bring it to the stage!

$5 cover to provide the CASH PRIZE to the victor and feature; THIS SLAM WILL PAY $50 TO THE WINNING POET!

Open Mic: ANYONE AND EVERYONE, come sign up before we begin and share your talents with us! Anything from poetry, to tap dancing, to music or whatever your talent may be.



We have formed our 5th annual team and slamming during our season as a slam, regularly slamming poets will have a chance to accumulate points towards a spot on the St Catharines Poetry Slam Team! BUT that will be just one aspect of what we hope to foster into a larger spoken word community. We hope to bring as many different people to our stage as we can - helping new artists find their voice, established artists grow in new ways, and changing the lives of our audience one night of performance at a time!

For that we need your help!

On slam nights we are looking to feature a WIDE VARIETY of local talent in the OPEN MIC and diverse local poets in the SLAM! If you have ever, even once though of participating, please come out and sign up!

Every show needs an AUDIENCE! So, we also of course invite poets and poetry lovers from all over to come lend us your talent and your ears and make this night as awesome as it’s ever been! Did you know you could even JUDGE?? Just ask us about it!


St. Catharines Poetry Slam works to prioritize marginalized and oppressed voices and is being organized with the intention of being intersectional. This space is an accountable one, which means that you accept the consequences of your actions and words. St. Catharines Poetry Slam acknowledges and challenges the homophobia, sexism, racism, classism, ablism and other forms of oppression that have been experienced, observed and voiced by members of our community. Anyone engaging in these and other oppressive behaviours and/or language should expect to hear about it and may be asked to leave the space.



A community oriented café & lounge designed to let you explore food, coffee and drinks in a way that truly emphasizes your individuality and sense of adventure.

Mahtay is passionate about the thriving arts community in the Niagara Region and is excited to host all arts related events. Come out and enjoy a beer, coffee, tea, or their mate tea while being a part of this SLAM event!


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