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HLSC 4P40 is a Public Health Capstone Project course that Public Health majors take in there final year of study. This course allows students to partner with an organization and identify a public health problem and use the skills and methods they have learned throughout their degree to address the problem hands on. This year students are partnering with OPIRG Brock and have been placed into one of three placement group.

Naloxone Training Team

The Naloxone Training team consists of four Public Health students including Ramar Smith, Kevin Nguyen, Alex White and Stephanie Thevarajah. In the past two weeks, we have been planning a Naloxone training session at Brock University and learning the importance of Naloxone especially in regards to opioid overdose among students on campus. We started our planning last week by organizing a contact list of all the stakeholders at Brock University which included BUSU staff, Residence Dons, Student Life, Security/Emergency and Isaacs Bar Staff. We drafted an email invitation to see if our stakeholders were interested in the training and provided some information from our research about drug use among students. With that sent out, we received a lot of positive feedback and high interest in return. We also popped in person to invite these departments verbally. We had our training done by Claire from Positive Living Niagara who taught us the administration of this opioid overdose medication and demonstrated safe drug use with real drug administering instruments. We have booked a room for our training, confirmed a time and date with our trainer, and created two posters. Our next step is to let our stakeholders know about the date and time, promote our event to the public with our posters and social media. I'm working on getting our event promoted on CFBU (Brock Radio) and ExperienceBu (Online directory for BrockU volunteer opportunities/events on campus). We're going to set up a Facebook page to track confirmation of attendance and promote the details of our event.



Date: August 2, 2018

Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Location: South Academic 215

Please RSVP at

Human Rights & Equity Office Research Team

HRE group.png

The Human Rights and Equity (HRE) department has been working hard this summer to research better ways to make Brock University a more Gender and Trans-Inclusive campus. Hiba Ali, Angela Cherubini, Nicole Malek and Alyssa Dear are four public health students who have been assisting the HRE department’s summer interns Max and Jasper with the Trans Inclusion Best Practices Report. In the past three weeks, we have been researching what other universities in Canada have done in the past to make their campuses more trans-inclusive. We had our Anti-Oppression training done by Manchari and Kerry in where we learned that gender is no longer a binary concept and encompass many more natures of gender orientation. We had several meetings with Max about potential gender-neutral washrooms being implemented at Brock University in the near future. Our next steps is to complete the Trans Inclusion Best Practices Report and submit it to Max and Jasper, in which they will use some of the research we have discovered for their Final Report. We look forward to hearing how this research can assist Brock University and hope to see more trans-inclusion on campus.

OPIRG Grants & Fundraising Team

The Grants and Fundraising group consists of three Public Health majors including Makayla Miskolczi, Stephanie Hopkins and Marsal Azimi. Our goal is to apply for and receive 3 grants during our time with OPIRG. This week we focused on the fundraising event presenting the need for safe injection sites.


The documentary that will be shown is FIX: The Story Of An Addicted City. The documentary is about the clash between politics and humanitarianism to create North America’s first legal safe injection. The goal of our event is to inspire a conversation around the importance of a safe injection site in the St. Catharines community and how the current city council fully supports safe injection sites, however a recent change in provincial government threatens our drug users civil liberty surrounding harm reduction.



Date: August 23, 2018 | Time: 7pm-10pm | Location: Marilyn I. Walker (downtown) campus

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