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Willow Arts Community

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Willow Arts Community is an arts + peer support organization dedicated to reducing barriers and providing opportunities for adult artists and creatives living with mental illness/substance use disorder in Niagara. We use the arts as an agent of social change by connecting and engaging with the public through exhibitions, publications, and performances to lessen the effects of stigma and social isolation.




The Willow offers seasonal, artistic programming at no cost to the membership, delivered by professional arts instructors and working arts professionals, many of whom are living with mental illness/substance use.

All programs and activities are designed to introduce new art forms and skills to beginner artists, as well as refine, diversify, and professionalize the arts practice of emerging artists. We support visual, literary, performing, and craft, and have plans to expand to support media artists in the future.


For more information on how to partake in programming at the Willow, go to!


Also check out Volume 5 of our ongoing Hearing Voices Zine project, which is a collaborative zine that acknowledges the perspectives and topics relevant to artists living with mental illness/substance use in Niagara.

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Instagram: @thewillowcommunity

Facebook: Willow Arts Community


Phone: 905-328-9277

Program and Office Address (no drop ins):
366 St. Paul St.
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 3N2

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