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The work of OPIRG Brock primarily takes place on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Neutral peoples.


The Niagara-based chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group. 

Working at Brock University since 1988, OPIRG Brock is a social and environmental justice organization, based in St. Catharines. As one of 12 chapters across Ontario, with many others across Canada and the U.S., OPIRG engages educational and direct action events, campaigns, and initiatives from the community.


Whether it is supporting the work of the OPIRG Action Groups (independent community and campus organizations supported by OPIRG), or collaborating with external organizations or projects - OPIRG Brock is a great partner and link amongst the social and environmental just work throughout the Niagara region. Run by nine volunteer board members and a couple staff members, OPIRG Brock strives to create space and opportunities for folks a wide range of backgrounds and locations, prioritizing the voices of marginalized people and communities.


Whether it is connecting with an Action Group, volunteering on one of the OPIRG Brock initiatives (ie. History of Activism in Niagara Research Program, the Community Garden plot they work on in collaboration with Food Not Bombs - St. Catharines, The Free Store, etc.) or pitching your own initiative - there are endless ways to connect and be involved.