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OPIRG Brock is a member-based organization. By opting in to an OPIRG Brock membership, you are saying "I support OPIRG!" and gain access to OPIRG Brock resources, voting privileges, ability to run for the Board of Directors & more! 


Membership renewal date is May 1st of each year.

Membership Privileges

  • Vote at our AGM

  • Run for the Board of Directors

  • Vote in the Board elections

  • Use the OPIRG Brock button-maker

  • Accessing services from the Niagara Skills Network

  •   Free OPIRG Brock raffle ticket

  • $0 memberships available
  • Auto-renewal option
  • Pay by Paypal, e-transfer, cheque, cash or through Patreon
  • Charitable tax receipt available

Payment Options

Membership Policies

To maintain a membership-in-good-standing, you must agree to and uphold the:

All members of CUPE 4207 are also OPIRG Brock members! Claim your membership using the following form:

See more information here:


Info for
CUPE 4207 Members

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