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Policies & Processes

Welcome to the Niagara Free Store!

On this page you will find updates, Niagara Free Store procedures, donation callouts, community resources, and materials that we produce related to the Free Store.


In the coming months, this will be the location of our online inventory, which will be a living document, as well as processes & forms related to getting items!

Niagara Free Store Longterm Goals!

  • Getting our inventory up on our website

  • Working with other community services to do more specific donation drives

  • Host COVID safe Free Store events

  • Semi-regular online webinars

  • A system across the region where people can easily exchange large items (ex. mattresses, bed frames, landscaping equipment, etc.)

  • Semi-regular resources/ publications & campaigns

  • SUPER DREAM/GOAL: Having a permanent COVID safe drop-in space

To volunteer or if you have donations, please email Kerry at info@opirgbrock.com.

Types of

Free Store Items

  • Accessories

  • Art & Collectibles

  • Audio & Electronics

  • Bikes

  • Books

  • Gardening supplies

  • Gently-used Clothes

  • Hobby & Craft Items

  • Housewares & Kitchen

  • Musical Instruments

  • Pet Supplies

  • School Supplies

  • Small Appliances & Furniture

  • Sporting & Exercise Gear

  • Tools

  • Toys & Games

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How to use #NiagaraFreeStore!

  • On Instagram (posts or stories), Twitter, or Facebook, you can use #NiagaraFreeStore as a means of sharing items you want give away, items you are looking for, & items you see for free online (via FB Marketplace, KIJIJI, Bunz, Craigslist)

  • If you are sharing an item(s) that you are giving away, please include whether it can be delivered or needs picked up

  • If you are posting an item you find on the side of the road, please post the city & road (ideally closest intersection, if possible)

Recommended hashtags!


#NiagaraFreeStore #FreeStore #OPIRGBrockrock #downtownstcatharines #ourhomestc 

#StCatharines #Niagara #NiagaraFalls

#Grimsby #Jordan #Lincoln #FortErie#PortColbourbe 



Current donation callouts & organizations!

Many organizations who provide items for free have active partnerships with the Niagara Regional Police Service. In order to ensure greater safety, we encourage anyone accessing these services taken as many precautions as they feel are needed around policing before accessing these services.

For organizations partnering with and pursuing partnerships with the NRPs, we call on you to acknowledge the barriers, potential harm, and active harm actively working with and promoting the NRPs causes for current and future service users. 

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