OPIRG Brock lost our annual funding in 2018, and since has been functioning on savings, fundraising, and donations. To support OPIRG Brock in continuing with our programming and community work, you can financially support in the following ways:

  • PATREON - Become a monthly sustainer at patreon.com/opirgbrock. There are currently a range of options including $5, $10, $20, $30, $75 for individuals, organizations, and businesses. Each option gets your different perks and access to OPIRG Brock components like memberships and Community Connect Discount Cards. 

    • *Important note: Money amounts for Patreon are listed in $US, and therefore come out as a bit more in $CDN. ​

  • Sponsorships - If you, your organization, or your company have agreed to or would like to sponsor a specific OPIRG Brock project or event, please email info@opirgbrock.com. Projects currently looking for sponsorship include The Free Store, the Niagara Skills Network, and The Coming Out Monologues. 

  • Social Media - We understand that financial support is not always the most accessible. We also really appreciate all of this content being shared as widely as possible!