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OPIRG Brock's Anti-Capitalist Gift List

Want to sponsor an OPIRG Brock event or project?
If you or your business would like to sponsor an OPIRG Brock event or project such as the Niagara Free Store or our Anti-Racism Sponsorship Fund, please email

We understand that financial support is not always possible. Following and sharing our content on social media is another valuable way you can support OPIRG Brock!

Thank you to our Patrons!

  • Niagara Tenants Union

  • Megan Lalli

  • Jennifer Constantine

  • Kit

  • OPIRG Ottawa

  • Patrick Russell

  • Karly Rath

  • OPIRG Toronto 

  • Leela Madhava Rau

  • Paul Gray

  • Mary-Beth Raddon

  • Karen Orlandi

  • Niagara Reproductive Justice

  • Gavin Fearon

  • Kostyn

  • Kyle

  • Laura 

  • Joe

Last updated: January 2023

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