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OPIRG Brock's Anti-Capitalist Gift

The Anti-Capitalist Gift List was created to provide an alternative to the wasteful consumerism that is prevalent throughout the Western holiday season, instead focusing on investing our time and dollars into our communities.

Active and informed gift giving both allows us to navigate current systems while investing back into the community as a means of practicing collective care, mutual aid, and working towards our collective liberation!

This list includes OPIRG Brock items and memberships for sale, as well as other organizations looking for support and donations.

Custom Buttons

$1 per 2.25" button

$2 per 3" button

Complete the OPIRG Brock Button Usage Form. Once submitted, you will recieve an email with payment details & how to submit your design. 

*Shipping includes an additional $5

Screenshot 2022-10-23 1.47.52 PM.png

The Coming Out Monologues V2 - Hard Copy

$20 per copy (+ $5 shipping for all mailed orders)

Order Form

photo_2021-10-24 10.47.34.jpeg

DisOrientation Guide to Niagara V2 - Hard Copy

photo_2021-10-24 10.47.43.jpeg

Activist Grab Bag

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Last updated: June 2024

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