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OPIRG Provincial

The Provincial organization of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group provides an opportunity for the members of individual PIRG’s and OPIRG Organizing Committees to meet, exchange ideas, educate themselves, and work together.


There are 11 Public Interest Research Groups at Ontario university campuses which all share similar structures and mandates but operate independently from one another. We all work together as part of a provincial OPIRG network which organizes meetings and conferences as well as sharing resources and information. The other OPIRG chapters include: 

There are other Public Interest Research Group chapters across Canada & the US. Check out and follow the work off these chapters:

Every year the provincial network organizes a few province wide events including a Public Interest School, Board Training School and Networking Conferences focusing on a particular issue. There are also other independent PIRG/GRIP’s across Canada. All of the PIRG’s based in Ontario are members of a provincial network and are members of Ontario PIRG, a provincial PIRG organization. Through Ontario PIRG the Ontario based PIRG’s come together for training, educational and networking.

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