Justice for Workers - Niagara

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Justice for Workers is an Ontario-based labour organizing group advocating for workers' rights, including a $20 minimum wage. We are revitalizing a chapter in Niagara to address the unique needs of the region and to mobilize the local community!

Demand Paid Sick Days for All!

Justice for Workers - Niagara is currently campaigning for 2 weeks paid sick days for all workers at Brock.


This campaign will start with non-unionized workers and move towards supporting unionized workers who lack access to this essential safety measure! Paid sick days are a necessary public health policy. We know that community transmission is largely driven by workplaces where underpaid workers are forced to choose between their health and their income. Until we have a comprehensive paid sick leave policy, the province will continue to let workers fall through the cracks.

To get involved, please email fairwagesniagara@gmail.com!



Justice for Workers and OPIRG Brock are getting involved with the efforts of the Niagara Regional Labour Council and Ontario Federation of Labour to organize an event for May Day 2022. Event details are still being organized, but please share with your networks and save the date! To get involved with organizing, email fairwagesniagara@gmail.com.

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