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Daniel Hummel


Author, herbalist, nerdy and kind of crazy....


These are the labels 
That I use publicly 
Sun in cancer 
Ascendant Gemini 
With a moon in leo 

I joked that I should get business cards made So that instead of remaining silent 
Or having to alter myself 
So as to not offend the conversation Everything you need to know 
About who I am 
Is right there 
I'll even make the one side green 
So you know my favorite color 

Its funny and probably 
Sounds ridiculous 
It is ridiculous 
But those are the pieces 
Of my identity 
That I spent a lifetime 
Trying to carve out 
To Disavow it all 
Destroy it 
Radiate it 
Burn it 
Get rid of it, I could never be free 

I come from a world

That had already determined

All that I could ever be

A woman, a wife

A mother, a shadow to give definition to the men around me And I learned to remove the pieces

That didn't fit into the image

Of what I was supposed to become


I buried my identity

Beneath oceans of shame

Drowning beneath the tides

No eloquent prose will ever

Truly describe the barbarism

Of tearing a person's entire soul

Into the tiny shreds

Of acceptable identity


I am not a proud person

In fact, I obsessively agonize over coming across

As self-centered, narcissistic

But I’m not afraid to say that

I am proud of these labels

And I would proudly print

Them on a hundred business cards

And hand them out unapologetically

Because I’m done drowning in shame for the comfort of others And I won’t hide the pieces of me

I was taught to keep in the dark anymore

Listen 🎧 

IdentityDaniel Hummel
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