Outreach Ideas & Options

In addition to the list below, please use this handout as a starting point to set up your outreach planning --->
Starter Questions for Outreach
  • Who on your team is responsible for member outreach?
  • Does that person work with a team of people on outreach?
  • Does your team use social media? Are there people on your team who can be the primary leads on social media?
  • Do you know everyone in your membership? If not, what ideas could be used to get to know everyone?
  • Does your membership or do your networks understand what your group does for the community?
  • Are you missing people within your membership or networks with your current outreach strategy? If so, what steps can be taken to resolve this?
  • Do you have a tangible list of actions that people who want to help out can do? (ex. making check in calls, writing cards, deliveries, etc.)
COVID-safe Ideas for engagement
  • Card campaign - sending out birthday, condolences, congratulations, welcomes, & other relevant occasions out to your memberships
  • Organizing a community trash clean-up
  • Setting up a phone tree/ email tree
  • Facebook Group for sharing tips, tricks, and recommendations
  • Regular video call drop-ins
  • Webinar/ film watch parties
  • Membership Petition Drive
  • Book or puzzle exchange
  • Memberships recipe swap or cookbook
  • Collective Fundraising 
  • Membership Pen pal system
  • Know-Your-Neighbour handout
  • Kids co-crafting/ homework co-work sessions
Engaging Your Members Amidst COVID Hando

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