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I'm a 3rd year student a
t Brock in English and Creative Writing. I am involved in the Pride club on campus & newly 'out' and proud! "

Coming Out

Can’t know the fear

until you’re standing right here

moment of truth

on the crisp of your youth


don’t know where to turn

your lungs so heavy they burn

you know what you came to say

you’ve realized you’re gay


don’t want to disjoint

don’t want to disappoint

the people who love you

you love them too


but it's tearing you up

so full is your cup

you don’t apologize

but you agonize


as it washes over them

you play with the hem

of your jeans that is all the same

but you can’t fight the fear and the pain

hands shaking

composure breaking

all you could lose

for what you did not choose


you think they might take it rough

so you’re prepared to be tough

you lift your head high

but you don’t have to cry


not a thing did you lose

except for the secrets and blues

you feel their release

leading you to peace

you feel your free heart

beating with glee

you crawl into your warm bed

where only happy thoughts fill your head.

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Coming OutAE
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