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APOLLO is an aspiring young artist who's trying to make his mark on the world. He's been in many musicals such as Chicago and Mamma Mia. APOLLO wishes to become an actor and director in the nearby future.

Open the door and step quietly inside 
Then lock it up and hide
The world continues to spin while you sit there
Alone, isolated and in the dark 
Each passing day you sink more and more
Into someone who is not you
There is another person occupying your body
This person is a fabrication of who you truly are
This person is who you show to your family and friends
This person is not you
I want to meet the real you
How can I live inside this prison cell?
Where there seems to be no way out
They put me in a jack in the box and chained it up
I count the hours, scream at the stone walls
I think it’s time to overpower
This is a riot; I’m done being quiet
I’m breaking out
And being my true self
So get ready world
These chains aren’t pulling me down anymore

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