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Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Still figuring everything out

No Labels

6 and I’m scared, I feel gross and trapped in

Shut it out shut it down

It will be like it never happened


14 and it hit me, now I understand

What makes it more confusing

Is that it wasn’t between a woman and a man


22 and I had a feeling, I made sure it went ignored

Just push through it, I thought

and whatever you do - don’t explore


24 and I’m slipping, I’m staring for too long

I’m cringing every time I hear

“When will you get a boyfriend” from my mom


26 and I’m tired, of finding happiness where it doesn’t exist

I want to follow the spark I feel

Every time I see two women kiss


27 and I’m scared, that I’ll never get that life

Something must be wrong with me

If I like something that caused me strife

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No LabelsDusty Miller
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