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Stephanie Jonsson (She/Her) is a PhD. student in the School of Gender, Feminist and Women studies at York University. She began painting in early 2020 as a means of coping with anxiety, stress, and imposter syndrome.


Image Description:

A feline inspired paint pour creation using various bright colours. The face and body of the cat are mostly blue and purple, while the background integrates yellow, blue, and pink. The cat’s right eye is a golden yellow, while the left eye is white


Image Description:

A feline inspired paint pour creation of the face of a black cat in the bottom of the photo with a background full of earthy colours contrasting one another including yellow, shades of green, beige, a deep red, and black.


Image Description

An acrylic painting of an explosive-looking image primarily using a deep red colour, with highlights of yellow, orange and green.The background is black with gold, sparkly highlights

Walking on Blue_Stephanie_COMV.2_3.jpg

Image Description

 A paint-poured image integrating blue and white colours mixed together to form a wave-like texture.

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