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Jermaine Marshall is a proud Jamaican born queer vocalist and poet whose artistry seeks to create a vibrant soundscape that captures the contours of lived pain and joy within an oppressive society. 

Love Me

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Love MeJ-Marsh

~ Lyrics ~

There’s something happening here that I can’t quite explain

Won’t even look at me properly when you call my name

And I’ve been sitting here waiting baby for far too long

Got all these feelings so I got up put them in a song

Seems you’ve forgotten who you were and who we tried to be

Every laugh that comes from your lips is a dig at me

So here I am with my heart held in my hand

Dropping these verses, clutching tightly, hope you understand.


You’re always finding something is wrong in what I do

But you can’t rearrange my life because it pleases you,

You’ve got to love –


Love me for what I am for simply being me

Don’t love me for who or what you thought I was supposed to be

And all these memories falling down like a cold winter’s rain

Frozen regrets hitting hard leaving nothing but pain


And if you’re only using me to feed your fantasy

You’re really not in love so let me go

I must be free

Special artist shoutout:

Omari Davis

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