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Ren Reid



"I am an emerging queer comedian, performer, playwright, and director. Abject is my lifestyle and follows through to my art, forcing audiences to sit in the uncomfortable unknown as I explore my body and the human condition. I value the beauty and therapy comedy provides during hardships while maintaining the vulnerability and truths behind the sadness."

Feeling Anxious and Need to Calm Down?

Breathe in, breathe out.

You’re having a panic attack,

DIVE in deeper, feel your face in the freezing cold water.

Let your heart rate slow down as your mind becomes clear

-ly not working, try something new.

5 things I can see.

Space heater.

Star Wars mug.

Dead plant.

Ring light.


4 things I can touch.



Weighted blanket.

3 things I can hear.

My own thoughts, I’m spiralling.

Where was I again?

Right, left, right, up, down, middle, middle, end.

Pause and count to 4.

Can you hear me? I asked you a question.

Yeah, I’m alright thank you for asking I’m just a little anxious.

Breathe in, breathe out.

You’re gonna be okay just ask for more help.

No, I’m alright thank you very much I’ll see you tomorrow.

Putting on my headphones and pressing play.

A calm voice speaks to me ‘Are you feeling anxious and need to calm down?

Follow these steps.”


Listen 🎧 

Feeling Anxious and Need to Calm Down?Ren Reid
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