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FREE STORE Pick-Up & Drop-Off days

OPIRG Brock now has a pick up and drop off day for the Free Store! On Sunday April 15th, we will have a drop off day at Mahtay Cafe (241 St. Paul St) between 11AM - 5PM for anyone who can't drop off their donations to our drop off bins located in the MIWSFPA by the security desk in the lobby and the GSA office MCC 302. For those who have large items that they are unable to bring to the Free Store drop-off day on Sunday April 15th, we will be driving around from 11AM-3PM on Saturday April 14th to pick up your items! To arrange a pick up, fill out the form below: We will also be hosting a CONTEST on both days for the largest quantity of donations (amount of donations, not weight)! The winner's will receive a free In The Soil festival pass. If you have any questions about the pick up / drop off days, please email

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