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OPIRG Brock Documentary Screening Fundraiser

Date: Thursday August 23, 2018

Time: 7pm- 10pm

Location: Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine & Performing Arts (downtown campus), room 156

Cost: Suggested $5 or Pay-what-you-can (PWYC)

Facebook event:

OPIRG Brock is hosting a Documentary Fundraiser on August 23rd from 7-11PM!

In this documentary, a group of Vancouver, British Columbia, activists, led by former computer salesman Dean Wilson, lead the charge to curb the city's drug problem and high HIV rate by opening North America's first safe-injection site. Surprisingly, they have the support of the city's conservative mayor, who wants to change Vancouver's image as a drug haven. The mayor's political peers, however, do not share his vision and will stop at nothing to derail these plans.

Accessibility Notes:

- Marilyn I Walker (Downtown campus, Room MW156) has an accessible front entrance, but does not have an automatic door opener. The door will be propped open or a volunteer will be present at the entrance to let people in.

- Washrooms are single stall and non-gendered on the second and third floor. The second floor washroom is physically accessible room, but has a smaller stall within for the toilet.

- We will be taking photos throughout the event. If you would prefer to not have your photo taken, please let us know at the registration desk or by emailing info@opirgbrock ahead of time. If your photo is taken throughout the event, and you decide after that you prefer it not to be posted, please feel free to email us. - Bring your own water Bottle if you wish to, there are water refills stations around the campus and there will be volunteers that can show everyone the nearby location.

- If you have any additional accommodations required, please email Free food and refreshments will be provided. If you have any dietary restrictions, please email: If you require any accessibility accommodations to participate in this event, please email, and we will do our best to meet these needs. After being defunded in February, the folks at OPIRG have been continuously working hard to maintain our programming and initiatives. In order to continue our programming, we have been applying to grants, planning membership drives and of course - putting on this fundraiser! Join us and the members of OPIRG Brock, for a night of fun and there will be food provided.To reserve a seat, please email:

Special thanks to Makayla Miskolczi, Marsal Azimi, Stephanie Hopkins, Antony Chum, and Hawa Conte for the support and organization of this event! Design work by Makayla Miskolczi.

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